Medical Uses

Thermo-Pad Comparative Studies

Thermo-Pad is a safe source of instant heat that can be used anywhere heat is required.The Thermo-Pad heats instantly to a safe preset temperature, contains a safe food grade salt and is constructed using a food safe grade of vinyl. Wrapped in a single layer of towel, Thermo-Pad is designed to generate an ideal treatment temperature and duration. Thermo-Pads are completely reusable, making them the most cost effective way to administer heat in a hospital setting. Some Medical users of Thermo-Pads

The ideal way to recharge the Thermo-Pads in a hospital setting is in CSR. Using an equipment washer/sanitizer such as a Getinge or Sterris.
A 35 minute cycle ranging from 60° C to 90° C will recharge 70 to 100 pads depending on equipment capacity.
Once recharged the pads should be laid flat to let cool.

In a Hydrocollator – Immerse the Thermo-Pad in a Hydrocollator heating unit for approximately 40 minutes or until all the crystals turn to liquid.
Be sure to remove the Thermo-Pad once it is completely liquid and lay it flat to cool.
Thermo-Pads left in the Hydrocollator can absorb water and thereby reduce the maximum activation temperature.

Always store Thermo-Pads in their liquid state.