Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

“I used the Thermo-Pads for the first time yesterday. I was very impressed. It was the warmest under ice dive I can remember. We spent 80 minutes in the water. If you add to that the 30 minutes doing last minute things before entering the water  , the Pads gave me warmth for over two hours and where still warm when I got undressed.  I am really satisfied with the products.”

Our order arrived safely about an hour ago and we appreciate your gift of an extra hand warmer.
Our first Thermo-pads were purchased from a Dive Consignment store on 4th Ave in Vancouver around 1990 when we were both still diving in wet suits. Both pads were then used for non diving purposes and lasted until a year ago when one of them finally surrendered to old age but the other one is still in active use, a testimony to the quality of your product.
Thanking you again…. Stephen & Lyn

“The heaters are awesome for diving and we are really happy with them!”

P. S.
I have to commend you on your attention to your business and your orders!  I have done business with numerous companies on the internet and NEVER have I received more prompt and personal attention from anyone that could equal yours!  Keep it up! Alan

We really enjoy having your “Thermo Pads“!  My wife, Mardelle, uses one or two almost every evening!  They are among the things we treasure most!  She commented on that just this morning!

Yes, the Thermo-pads arrived, and yes I’ll be giving some away as Xmas gifts. It feels good to use something non-toxic that doesn’t require electricity. My partner’s back troubles are often eased with the safe heat from your Thermo-pads, and we’re grateful. Anne

We have been using your Thermo-Pads for many years and find them very helpful for old (85 years old) aches and and pains!  We bought some new ones ( 8 X 8) just a couple of months ago as my wife really likes them for her back and muscle soreness!  She was delighted to see that the blue, zippered covers were sent along with our last order.  (I ordered them without her  knowledge)  Today, she is using the one “hand warmer” unit we have to alleviate the pain and soreness from a “corneal abrasion” that she has been suffering from for the last few days.  It is helping to reduce the pain in her eye! Alan

The parcel came in yesterday and everything is fine. I will be bringing the Thermo-pads to Afghanistan as gifts and I am sure they will be very much appreciated since they will provide soothing heat without batteries or electric current.<>Thank you again for a great product and great serviceAnne

I really like these thermo-pads, they’re practical, easy to use over and over…thanks for making the purchase uncomplicated! Janet

I received this in an email from my brother who just finished therapy at the W W Cross Cancer Institute.
“The first thing I saw was a Thermo-Pad when I went to the chemo check in desk and there was a pile of them on the counter and the nurse just said, “Here, take this. You’ll like it.” When I told her my brother owned the company that made them, she said the Thermo-Pads were one of the most important things they had for patients.”

We have been using your products for many year,  Nordic skiing  -ski patrol – long snowmobile/ambulance-sled runs, up to 20  km. to retrieve patient, goaling with shock and hypothermia.

Thank you for checking with me about the order . The Thermo-pad, I ordered arrived and work great.
I am a scout leader and planned to try them out on our next camping trip, thanks to super storm Sandy they were put to use sooner. we are located on the Jersey shore where Sandy hit hardest.
We had no power for over a week and still slept like babies thanks to the Thermo-pads.
Thank you so much for a great product. Jim H.

I got them this morning. Thanks. My friend has been using them for years – every morning in winter – and only has good things to say about your pads… Thanks for asking.
Best  Anne

From Twitter “My thermo-pad may have been the best investment I’ve ever made.”

Yes, the thermo-pads did arrive and we have already put them to work.  Thank you for the prompt service and for your courteous follow-up–much appreciated.  We’ll be back…
Have a purr-fect day!

We received a type of thermopad from one of your competitors for Christmas, only to find that
the plastic covering released a strong chemical smell…so strong that we had to stop using it. Thank you for conscientiously offering a toxin-free heating pad that’s also safe for those who are electrosensitive.
Anne Champagne

The order arrived today and thanks for checking in. I really appreciate it. I’ve ordered from Thermo-Pad a couple of times for myself and my wife, this order was for friends who were over for a potluck dinner about 10 days ago. One of the ladies had a severe leg cramp and I grabbed the Thermo-Pads and when she saw how much heat it produced and how quickly, she asked me to order one for her. Others at the dinner asked to see them, and I got two more orders from the other couples at the table.

Sharon & I love ours, particularly now that the cold weather is here and we’re feeling the aches and pains of age and winter. I believe they’re a great investment, and of the eight units we have, we’ve not had a single problem with any of them.

I have a few similar pads from other companies, but yours work the best, recharge the easiest, and last the longest.  Thanks!

Yes I have already used the PAD and am very happy with it.  It is just what I’d seen when we were to Branson, MO and someone tried to sell me one there.  Well I didn’t get it, and when I got home, I wished I’d bought it.  That’s when I went to the internet and found your web-site and ordered it.  It is just what I was looking for.
THANKS for your concern, I’m very happy with it.

I’ve been using them for the last 4 days and I love them.

Just to let you know we are very pleased with your product.  I had  some pads similar in the past but made very cheaply and didn’t last  after so many uses. So glad to have found your product!