Tips for using Thermo-Pad

Heat the liquid Thermo-Pad in hot water before using and then activate. Pre-heating the pad does not change the maximum temperature of the pad but will dramatically increase the duration of the heat. When using the pad immediately after recharging, wrap the pad in an extra layer of towel. You can have the benefit of the heat as the pad cools as well as the extended heat by activating the pad while it is still warm.  Remember that the pad will not appear to activate if it is above 130° F (54° C)

When using the pad outdoors in the winter, store it under your clothes as close to your body as possible. In this way the pad will be kept warm to achieve maximum heat when activated. The warmer the pad is when it is activated, the longer it will stay hot.
Thermo-Pads will activate on their own if they are frozen. If this occurs, the pad must be recharged before use. To avoid this always store the pad where it will not freeze.

Always store Thermo-Pad in its liquid state. If you leave the pad in its activated state for extended periods, water evaporates from the pad making it more concentrated. This higher concentration is indicated if in its liquid state there are white crystals in the pad. This evaporation can be reversed by immersing the pad in simmering water for extended periods and leaving it in the water to cool. This process may have to be repeated but will eventually return the pad to its original condition. The pad will continue to work even with the crystals in it but will form harder crystals. Preheating the pad before use will improve its performance.